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Why is the Slewing Ring Gear Called the Joint of the Magic Machine

Why is the Slewing Ring Gear Called the Joint of the Magic Machine

Slewing ring gear is widely used in actual industrial production. It is called "the bone joint of equipment". It is a key transmission system component of mechanical equipment that needs to do relative rotary fitness exercise between two objects and bear axial force, axial force and overturning torque.

With the rapid development trend of slewing gear manufacturers machinery industry, slewing ring has been widely used in ship machinery and equipment, engineering machinery and equipment, light industrial machinery, metallurgical equipment, medical equipment, industrial production machinery and equipment and other fields. If the actual operating staff pay little attention to the actual effect of slewing ring gear when applying it, it will seriously endanger the safety of each user.

1. The purchased slewing ring gear is inconvenient at high speed

Please check the manufacturing date of slewing bearing. If it takes a long time (such as more than half a year) and the climate is cold, corrosion-resistant residues may seep into the raceway, resulting in insensitive operation (especially in cold areas and winter).

Removal method: if it can operate without other abnormalities after lateral movement, it can be used normally.

2. The slewing bearing does not operate easily in the whole process of application

If the sealant strip is damaged, it will cause foreign matters to enter the raceway (such as weak application working condition, dust infiltration in the raceway, etc.); check the meshing condition of the size gear such as crane slewing gear to see if there are foreign matters or broken teeth.

3. The slewing bearing does not operate easily after installation

It is likely that the server mounting surface and the slewing bearing mounting surface do not cooperate well with each other, resulting in that the shaft diameter gap of the slewing bearing cannot compensate for the deformation of the slewing bearing after installation. When the slewing bearing is in negative clearance, the turnover body runs hard in the dovetail guide rail (sometimes accompanied by noise). It can also be caused by poor gear engagement or foreign matters that are stuck in the transmission gear.

Removal method: produce and process the server installation plan again to make the installation plan meet the requirements; Adjust the size of gear meshing backlash as required again, especially pay attention to the large part of transmission gear vibration; Check to ensure that there is no foreign matter at the meshing part of the gear; Replace a slewing ring gear with a larger clearance.

Slewing ring gear is a large slewing ring bearing that can bear comprehensive load. It can also bear large shaft diameter, axial load and overturning moment.

When there is heavy slewing drive for sale, the quality supervision is the most critical. Therefore, our company also attaches great importance to the relevant key points in the slewing ring gear quality inspection, so as to reasonably ensure that there is no problem with the slewing ring gear and the safety of actual operation.