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What is the Reason for the Rapid Wear of the Slewing Ring Bearing?

What is the Reason for the Rapid Wear of the Slewing Ring Bearing?

China slewing ring bearing plays a very important role in many mechanical equipment, and its position is also important. Therefore, friction and depreciation will inevitably occur in the process of use. However, the slewing ring in some machinery will depreciate faster. What is the reason? Let's analyze it for everyone.

Since the slewing ring is a load-bearing component, the reasons for its excessive wear and tear are generally as follows:

1. Improper selection: improper selection of the bearing slew drive makes it unmatched with the equipment and the model. Therefore, abnormal friction will inevitably occur during operation, which will lead to rapid damage. In this case, the slewing ring should be replaced in time and a suitable slewing ring should be selected.

2. Improper design or manufacturing materials: improper design and material selection of the slewing ring cause rapid consumption of the slewing ring. This requires timely adjustment of the design and material of the slewing bearing. It is also necessary to communicate with slewing ring bearing manufacturers in order to improve the problem of excessive consumption.

3. Insufficient lubrication: lubricating oil or grease. This situation is generally caused by improper use and insufficient lubrication. Therefore, the wear of the turntable support during use is also very large.

4. Normal consumption: the normal consumption of the slewing ring. The slewing bearing will still have consumption without any defects. This is inevitable, so we can only strictly follow the correct usage method to minimize the consumption.

Analyzing from a variety of slewing ring depreciation rates, the above are the reasons and solutions for the excessive wear of slewing ring. If your slewing bearing has no quality problems, you can think about the aspects of machinery or lubrication.