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Some Details about Slew Drive Device

Some Details about Slew Drive Device

1. Product Introduction

The electric slewing drive is an upgraded product of the slewing bearing, which is usually composed of a worm, a turbine slewing bearing, a casing, and a power source. This product can be used on flatbed trucks, wood hoists, single-column cranes, beam lifting machines, truck cranes, aerial work vehicles, solar patrols, automation equipment and other mechanical equipment; In the solar photovoltaic power generation industry, the slew drive device is generally equipped with a DC planetary gear motor or an AC gear motor; In construction machinery, hydraulic motors are mainly used as power drive systems. Other titles of rotary reducer: rotary drive device, rotary gear device, rotary reducer, rotary turntable device, worm gear drive, worm gear pair, worm gear device. It is mainly used in aerospace, tower cranes, excavators, construction machinery, satellite receiving systems, solar tracking systems and many other industries.

2. Processing Technology

According to the variable transmission form of electric slew drive, it can be divided into gear slew drive and worm gear slew drive, which inherit the characteristics of gear drive and worm gear drive. These two types of rotary drives can be adapted to medium-high speed and low speed applications respectively. In terms of carrying capacity, the worm gear type performs better than the tooth type. And when the enveloping worm drive is adopted, its bearing capacity, anti-deformation ability and transmission rigidity are further improved. The shell is made of high-quality cast steel with very high strength. The worm wheel and worm are both made of 42CrMo and diluted by glow ions, so the wear resistance strength is higher than the traditional domestic gas nitriding 50Mn material.

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