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Slewing Drive for Photovoltaic Power Generation

Slewing Drive for Photovoltaic Power Generation

Photovoltaic power generation is an important application area for slewing drive. The slewing drive is the core component of the tracking system for photovoltaic power generation. It is driven by a motor and runs at a certain speed. The slewing drive drives the driven component to rotate in the horizontal or elevation direction so that it always faces the sun. According to the different positions of the sun in the day, the corner and elevation angle of the main engine can be precisely adjusted, and the optimal receiving angle of the solar panel is always at the same time, which can significantly improve the solar power generation efficiency. The “chasing sun-type” photovoltaic power generation system can be divided into two types: single-axis and dual-axis pursuit. The single-axis tracking system tracks in the east-west direction and rotates east-west horizontally with the north-south axis. The PV array has only one degree of freedom of rotation.  The PV array of the two-axis tracking system has two rotational degrees of freedom to accurately track daylight and ensure that the light illuminates the PV array vertically. The slewing drive is a single-axis chase. The advantage of photovoltaic power generation is that it is less subject to geographical restrictions. Because the sun shines on the earth, the photovoltaic system also has the advantages of safe and reliable, no noise, low pollution, no need to consume fuel and erecting transmission lines to generate electricity on site and short construction period.

The slewing drive is a modular design that can solve the problems of rotation, transmission, load bearing and power in one basket. After purchasing the slewing mechanism, the customer can directly install it with bolts. It works with sunlight and power on, simplifying the design and avoiding problems that may arise in many intermediate links. The closed design makes the working environment of the slewing bearing in the slewing mechanism well, and the sealing level reaches IP65, which is beneficial to prolong the service life. The meshing of the one-plane enveloping toroidal worm gear wheel pair is a multi-tooth contact with a large transmission torque. When the worm and the worm wheel rotate, they gradually get in and out, and the transmission is more stable. The self-locking function of the worm gear pair can prevent the impact on the photovoltaic array during severe weather such as hurricanes and rainstorms. At present, the efficiency of domestic crystalline silicon cells is about 10 to 13%. A solar panel consisting of one or more solar cells is called a photovoltaic module, and a photovoltaic matrix with a rotary reducer has a power generation efficiency of about 19%, far exceeding the fixed photovoltaic matrix. The advantage of the slewing drive is that the rotor is up-and-down open.  and the upper and lower rotors are fixed by the upper and lower connecting holes, and the upper and lower rotors are double-rotor structures connected by the convex key and the groove, which can realize efficient work and convenient to loading and unloading.

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