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Scoop How To Reinforce The Most Durable

Scoop How To Reinforce The Most Durable

Common view is that domestic excavator users scoop (bucket) the bigger the better, the bigger excavator digging bucket is efficiency is higher, this is clearly a mistake;Another theory is that scoop the stronger, the better, so put heavy on scoop "armor", so it is not reasonable.

Excavator digging bucket reinforcement should pay attention to two things: one is effective, the second is strong.If the omni-directional to save scoop, then certainly will increase the weight of every bucket digging scoop, heavy machines digging bucket will not only increase oil consumption, as well as the machine has considerable influence life, this little loss cannot be ignored.Experts have done a research: digging bucket each increased 0.5 tons weight, cycle increased by 10%, gross margin was 15% lower, the welding as part of needs in the need to strengthen, not the whole welding;Second, welding must be strong, if the scoop on stiffener are everywhere, all of a sudden one day weld crack, small iron fell into the crusher and the loss can you can.

Scoop strengthening precautions:
1. To strengthen the protection of tooth root place
Stringer severe wear can make effective grab bucket volume decreases, and affect productivity.At the same time, the edge of knife also conducive to cut into the material, the effect of protection plate, so the scoop to install knife.Area due to the side is not high wear, so the strengthening of the side need not too strong, so as not to affect the overall weight of the scoop.

2. The floor strengthening the floor is very necessary.Suggest to buy new customers make new plate reinforced paint wear off (about a week) and then to floor after reinforcement, the welding effect is better.Floor and strong to do hard, wear-resisting long plank material, to protect the overall shape of the scoop, lest affect Angle, affect the production capacity.Welding stiffener to follow the direction of the original machine steel plate welding, stitch welding on the two boards.

3. Scoop the strengthening of inside
Advise the inside using hardfacing welding, although the price is high, long time consuming.But its effectiveness and wear resistance are the strongest, or you can choose part of stiffener, unfavorable and overmuch.Above all: to strengthen digging bucket to be effective, strong.Last hardfacing welding can also be used in other places to strengthen in the future for a scoop of reinforcement of avoid by all means like cowhide plasters posted, nor too much to strengthen protection, in order to protect the scoop and loss of productivity is not desirable.
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