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Renewable Energy India Expo. 2019 in New Delhi

Renewable Energy India Expo. 2019 in New Delhi

India, one of the largest countries in the South Asian subcontinent, one of the “BRIC countries”, India has a rich and diverse cultural heritage and rich natural resources. The Indian government plans to increase the supply of renewable energy to 85 billion watts (85 GW) by 2022, with solar power reaching 20 billion watts. However, by 2030, as India's energy demand increases, its dependence on imports will also increase, and the proportion of foreign-imported energy may increase to 80% of total energy demand. Therefore, under the planning of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Energy Security Group, the Indian government will increase the target countries of imported energy to more than 20 countries in the future. Fuyong Intelligent slewing drives will promote the development of India PV solar tracker and supply the most cost efficient slewing drive. We will bring 8 inch vertical type slewing and 9 inch horizontal type be there. Welcome to visit our booth and consult. Contact us for more information about our products and company.
Booth No.: 11.148-4
Date: 18-20th Spet.