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Reasons for Not Using Elastic Washers in Slewing Bearings

Reasons for Not Using Elastic Washers in Slewing Bearings

Ⅰ. What is slewing bearing?

The slewing bearing is a large-scale bearing that can bear comprehensive loads, and can additionally bear a large shaft diameter, axial load and overturning moment.

Ⅱ. The reason why ductile sealing ring can not be applied to slewing ring bearing

The following is a detailed introduction of the slewing ring manufacturers about the reason why the slewing ring bearing can not use the ductile sealing ring:

1. When the slewing bearing is connected with bolts and nuts, the bolts are specified as high-toughness bolts (10.9). The high-strength bolt connection mainly relies on the strong frictional resistance between the connected parts to resist external forces, so high-strength bolts do not need spring washers.

2. The total contact area of the slewing ring spring washer is not as large as that of the flat washer. There is no flat washer in places with large pre-tightening force. The bolts have a large pre-tightening force (such as pre-tightening of bolts of grade 8.8 and above) may cause plastic deformation of the surface of the spring washer adjacent to the supporting point. In subsequent applications, the preload is likely to be "relaxed" with the expansion of the deformation. For rotating machinery and equipment, the vibration and overturning moment during operation will be relatively large. If a spring washer is added to open the mouth, it will increase the seismic intensity of the vibration and cause the deformation of the slewing ring.

3. A suitable flat washer for the slewing bearing can increase the total area of the supporting point, and can avoid the extrusion and plastic deformation of the product workpiece with insufficient hardness to a certain level when the bolt is pre-tightened, which is beneficial to maintaining the stability of the pre-tightening.