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PE25-1 Precision PE Series
PE25-1 Precision PE Series

PE25-1 Precision PE Series

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When you want the accuracy of the drive to be controlled between 0.05 and 0.15 degrees, there is no doubt that the precision type has a unique advantage in the high-end transmission field.

Precision PE series rotary mechanism features

  • The high-precision type is processed by the latest china electric slew drive technology, so that the tracking accuracy of the product can reach up to 0.05 degrees.
  • The most important feature of the precision type is the ability to achieve precise and precise transmission and accurate positioning.
  • This product also has a flexible input interface form, which is convenient for connection of various hydraulic motors and geared motors.

Supply Ability of PE25-1 Precision PE Series

We are able to provide you with the fastest delivery and customized services, including a list of parameters for this range of heavy slewing drive products.

Application of PE25-1 Precision PE Series

  • Precision PE series products are widely used in the relative rotating parts of solar energy and machinery.
  • Drive light heat, photovoltaic level and pitch angle rotation.
  • Control the rotation of the welding positioner table.

Performence Parameters of Rotary Reducer
Output Torque 15 kN.m
Overturning monent 203 kN.m
Holding Torque 105.8 kN.m
Axial static load 1598 kN
Static radial rating 640 kN
Axial Dynamic load 385 kN
Gearing Ratio 125:1
Radial dynamic load 335 kN
Tracking Precision ≤0.09°
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