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Maintenance of Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing

Maintenance of Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing

With the rapid economic development, bearings are widely used in life. Speaking of bearings, single row ball slewing bearings should be the most widely used bearings, and they are also essential spare parts for machinery. Bearing maintenance is particularly important for single row ball slewing bearings. The following is an introduction to the maintenance of single row ball slewing bearing.

1. When the bearing is installed, the bearing should have sufficient rigidity and the installation surface should be flat. The single row ball slewing ring should be subjected to stress treatment to reduce bearing deformation. The contact surface of the single ball and the ball bearing should be cleaned during assembly.

2. The single row ball slewing bearing should mesh with the gear before the bolts are fully tightened, and the meshing conditions should meet the gear accuracy requirements: The height of the contact points distributed on the tooth surface of the gear pair after slight braking should not be less than 25%, and the longitudinal direction should not be less than 30%.

3. To ensure the reliability of the bearing, check the tightening torque of the bearing bolts after 100-500 hours of operation. And check the pre-tightening torque within the next 100 hours.

4. When tightening the nut, apply lubricating oil on the surface and thread of the nut, and use a torque wrench to tighten evenly in the circumferential symmetrical direction several times.

5. The bearing should be placed in a dry, flat, non-corrosive or water-free room.

6. The single row ball slewing bearing should be placed steadily and avoid vertical, inclined or hanging. When placing, at least 3 to 5 shims should be placed on each bearing in the circumferential direction, and the upper and lower sliders should be aligned on the circumference. If the bearing has been idle for many years, it should be checked in time before use.

7. If the single row ball slewing bearing is not used, oil maintenance should be carried out every 6 months to prevent corrosion. In addition, the bearing raceways must be lubricated and maintained for one year. The purpose of maintenance work is to check whether the single row ball slewing ring is flexible. After relevant maintenance, the bearing will be restored to its original state, and the film must be wrapped.