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Machinery Manufacturing Enterprises In The Implementation Of The Problems Existing In The Informatization

Machinery Manufacturing Enterprises In The Implementation Of The Problems Existing In The Informatization

Enterprise information in the presence of insufficient and their part of the more successful machinery enterprises to implement informatization is tall CAD should be used, but was still in the stage of "jilt board".Using CAD/CAM technology based on 3 d product model of the enterprise also is not much, and just started, realize the application of CAD/CAPP/CAM integration enterprise less.Compared with the successful application of CAD, computer aided management is relatively backward, though existing in the management of financial, personnel and other single application and obtained a certain result, but successfully implement MRP Ⅱ/ERP enterprise is less, from the inside and outside enterprises to realize information integration and quite a distance.

Implementation of enterprise information the effect of yi obvious enough even though many companies have achieved considerable benefits by implementing informatization, but overall, compared with the money, manpower, material resources, has achieved is not big enough.Some enterprises in the process of informatization, the lack of information change integral demand analysis and feasibility study, the application of information technology with business process optimization combination, did not make the enterprise production management mode, so the enterprise information integrated the effect not beautiful.

Insufficient understanding of the long-term and the complexity of implementing informatization in some enterprises to implement the long-term and the complexity of enterprise information construction thought unprepared, information-based project planning is not strong, the input of manpower, financial and material resources are not consecutive, often appear have a phenomenon.Informationization environment maturity the overall level of social informatization in our country is still very low, a lot of infrastructure and the specification is not perfect, also affect the development of enterprise informatization.Such as repeated information resources development, poor information channels, low degree of sharing.Lack of with independent intellectual property rights, to promote the fast development of manufacturing industry, has a certain scale of design and manufacturing software, management software and optimization software, software tool set and set into application platform.Independent development of CAD/CAM/CAPP/CAE, PDM, ERP, APC, RTO, MES software maturity needs to be improved, is now in the market share of less than 15%.Promote enterprise informatization related policies and pertinence is not strong, the support is not enough, not really play the role of actively guide enterprise informatization.