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Lubrication Maintenance Method of Slewing Ring Gear

Lubrication Maintenance Method of Slewing Ring Gear

1. Matters needing attention in slewing ring gear operation:

Before installing the slewing ring gear, check the installation surface of the main engine. The support should have sufficient strength, the connecting surface should be machined, and the surface should be smooth and free of debris and burrs. The ring of the slewing bearing has a quenched soft zone, which has a mark "S" on the end face of the ring. When installing, the position of the soft zone should be placed in the non-load area or the non-recurrent load zone (the plug hole is always at the soft zone ).

2. Lubrication and maintenance methods of slewing ring gear:

(1) A small amount of No. 2 extreme pressure lithium base grease is applied to the track of the slewing ring gear when it leaves the slew drive factory, and it should be refilled with new grease according to different working conditions when it is used.

(2) The slewing ring gear should be greased regularly. Usually, the ball bearings are oiled every 100 hours of work, and the rolling bearings are oiled every 50 hours. In special working environments such as tropical, high humidity, dust, large temperature difference and continuous operation, the lubrication cycle should be shortened. Before and after long-term shutdown, the machine must be filled with new grease. During each lubrication, the raceway must be filled with grease until it leaks from the sealing belt. When injecting grease, the slewing bearing must be slowly rotated to make the grease evenly filled.

(3) The surface of the teeth should be cleaned of debris frequently, and corresponding grease should be applied.

(4) After the first 100 hours of operation of the slewing bearing, the pre-tightening force of the bolts should be checked, and then every 500 hours thereafter, and sufficient pre-tightening force must be maintained.

(5) During use, please pay attention to the operation of the slewing ring gear. If you find noise, impact or a sudden increase in power, you should immediately turn off the machine for inspection, troubleshooting, and disassembly and inspection if necessary.

(6) It is forbidden to flush the heavy slewing drive directly with water during use to prevent water from entering the raceway and prevent hard objects from entering or entering the tooth meshing area.

(7) Check the integrity of the seals frequently. If the sealed bag is found to be damaged, it should be replaced in time. If it is found that the sealed bag has fallen off, it should be replaced in time.