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Knowledge about Heavy Duty Turntable Bearing

Knowledge about Heavy Duty Turntable Bearing

The heavy-duty turntable bearing is a kind of bearing that can simultaneously bear the comprehensive load of axial load, radial load and overturning moment. It is a precision bearing with a special structure that integrates the functions of support, rotation, transmission, fixation and so on. The turntable bearing basically adopts the design method of negative clearance band preload to ensure the high rigidity and rotation accuracy of the bearing; In general, the inner and outer rings of the turntable bearing have mounting holes, lubricating oil holes and sealing structures, which are suitable for different requirements of  installation and usage of various equipments under precise working conditions; Turntable bearings have the characteristics of compact structure, high rotation accuracy, easy installation and maintenance and so on. Turntable bearings mainly include YRT turntable bearings, ZKLDF turntable bearings and cross roller bearings. The three series of bearings have the same installation dimensions. The internal structure is different, but the performance is similar.

Heavy duty turntable bearing are widely used in machinery. Some of the slewing bearing components used in this construction machinery were initially applied to some very wide areas. For example, some ten square machines, some excavators and even some pulverizers. Some graders and a large number of rollers will even use dynamic compactors, road header and other machines.

In addition to the use of slewing bearings in construction machinery, the proportion of slewing bearings that have been used is gradually increasing. For example, the mechanical components of this slewing bearing can also be used in port equipment or metallurgical equipment, including large drilling platforms and other advanced equipment platforms. At present, a large number of such advanced turntable bearings have been used to replace the original bearings on mechanical parts.