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How to Maintain the Running Slewing Drive?

How to Maintain the Running Slewing Drive?

Regarding the maintenance of the slewing drive during normal use, the operation and maintenance party generally needs to pay attention to the following points:

1. Add grease in time, and the normal filling time is about once every 3 years. (There are also manufacturers that use the company's precision full-tooth envelope tracking reducer to supplement only one or two times in the operation of the power plant.) ;
2. It is necessary to perform precision calibration on the slewing drive, detect the rotation error and make corresponding adjustments to eliminate the wear gap;
3. Fasteners such as screws and bolts need to be regularly checked for tightening torque.

However, if the product quality is not enough or the design selection is not reasonable, there may be problems such as water leakage, oil leakage, oil seal rubber cracking, excessive wear, insufficient tracking accuracy, grease freezing, and reduced efficiency during operation.

The following processing ideas are available for reference:

1. In the case of water leakage, oil leakage, and oil seal rubber cracking, it is generally necessary to replace the oil seal. However, the replacement of the oil seal is very cumbersome and the operability is not strong, so it needs to be strictly controlled in the production process.

2. It is found that the tracking accuracy is not enough. In fact, this should be the processing precision and assembly problem of the manufacturer. Once it is installed on site, it can only be replaced or sent to the site to adjust the accuracy of the reducer. This problem is not easy to find at the scene.

3. The cost of grease purchased by some manufacturers is relatively low or the supplier is falsified. The grease can not meet the normal working conditions at low temperature, and only the grease can be replaced. It is also very troublesome to replace the grease.

4. Efficiency reduction is a design problem. If there is not enough experience, this problem can only be found during the use process. Only the phenomenon can be found during the use process. The user does not have enough experience to analyze the cause. This can be solved by replacing the high torque motor problem.

In addition, the slewing drive needs to prevent some extreme situations from happening during the work. For example, if the maintenance is not performed according to the requirements of the instruction manual, the operation of the slewing drive may be abnormal; if the mirror surface is not leveled in a stormy weather, the slewing drive may be unstable and have various degrees of damage. Therefore, in use, the most important point is to use and maintain according to the requirements of the instruction manual. In addition, there must be strong weather prediction ability. In the case of stormy weather, the mirror surface should be leveled.