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How to Install the Tower Crane Slewing Bearing?

How to Install the Tower Crane Slewing Bearing?

The tower crane slewing bearing is a large special structural bearing that can withstand large axial loads, radial loads and overturning moments. In addition, the slewing bearing itself has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient guiding and rotating, easy installation and easy maintenance.

How to properly install the tower crane slewing bearing? It is recommended to start from the following aspects:
1. Anti-rust treatment of the product
Considering the harsh working conditions of the tower crane, a good anti-rust treatment can maintain the performance of the slewing bearing. Before the product leaves the factory, the company has applied special paint or oxidation treatment to its outer surface. The equipment has long durability and can be chrome plated (TDC) or nickel plated according to customer's special requirements.

2. Installation of tower crane slewing bearing
When the installation is carried out, after the slewing bearing is hoisted in place, the flatness of the fitting plane is checked by applying a feeler gauge. If the clearance is too large, it should be machined again. If it is impossible to machine to achieve the required flatness, it can be filled with plastic or partial gasket to ensure the accuracy of the installation plane and to reduce vibration, so as to avoid the deformation of the slewing bearing after the bolt is tightened, thus affecting the normal operation of the slewing bearing. After positioning the slewing ring drive in the radial direction, tighten the mounting bolts in a star-shaped cross and check the rotation of the slewing bearing. In order to ensure smooth transmission of the slewing bearing, the flank clearance should be checked and adjusted before the mounting bolt is not fully tightened. When tightening the bolts, there should be sufficient pre-tightening force, and the pre-tightening force should be 70% of the yield limit of the bolt material. Mounting bolts should be fitted with tempered flat washers and spring washers are strictly prohibited.