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High Precision Slewing Drive System

High Precision Slewing Drive System

Based on the traditional slewing drive, Maanshan Fuyong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd has in-depth research and analysis of the rotary drive for the CSP based on the following aspects. And it optimized and upgraded for product structure, making product bearing capacity and the transmission precision  improved, the installation faster, and the maintenance  more convenient.

It has the following characteristics:
1. Adopting a pitch and azimuth integrated design. The overall compact structure solves the complicated installation problem of the split type reducer, reduces redundant parts, and reduces the host failure rate. At the same time, in order to ensure reliable bearing, the azimuth rotary drive system uses high-strength four-point contact ball bearings, which can withstand a large overturning moment while bearing certain axial and radial forces.

2. The integrated technology of the worm wheel integrated bearing raceway can maximize the distribution circle of the bearing rolling elements and improve the bearing capacity of the rotary drive system. In the same space size, the axial drive capacity of the slewing drive system can be increased by about 10% and the anti-overturning capability can be increased by about 20%.

3. It adopts double-lead worm gear transmission form and unique side gap adjustment device, which can accurately control axial displacement and accurately control transmission accuracy and backlash. And throughout the life cycle (lifetime of 30 years), it has the function of quickly recovering accuracy without disassembling the machine, and the operation is simple and convenient, and the power generation is not affected during the period.

4. According to local conditions, it adopts sealing structure and materials that can adapt to high and low temperature, dust, longtime sunlight and other environments, so that the sealing performance is reliable, the service life is long, and maintenance is free during the whole life cycle.

5. Fully adopt CAE design analysis and calculation to ensure that the main transmission parts and low temperature resistant housing can meet the strength and stiffness requirements under extreme conditions.