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Fuyong Intelligent Technology Helps Fight against the New Coronavirus

Fuyong Intelligent Technology Helps Fight against the New Coronavirus

In order to strengthen new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, minimize the spread of virus, the epidemic prevention and control command and the city management committee organized relevant departments to organize fog disinfection operations in urban areas, and sent fog and cannon vehicles to carry out disinfection work. The scope of operation is mainly public areas such as main and secondary roads and sidewalks. There are two ways of operation: mechanical killing and manual killing. Mechanical kill was used to spray low concentration sodium hypochlorite disinfectant on main and minor roads of urban area by fog truck and spray truck. Manual killing is mainly carried out by tissue sanitation workers wearing protective clothing with portable electric sprayers, spraying on key sections and key parts.

According to reports, "fog gun car" is composed of four parts: remote atomizing sprayer, diesel engine, water storage tank and vehicle chassis. The shape of sprayer equipment is similar to gun barrel, so it is commonly known as "fog gun car". At the scene, the reporter saw that the fog sprayed by the "fog gun car" was more than 40 meters high and more than 100 meters long. The main working principle of the fog gun car is that the long-distance atomization sprayer transforms the normal water mist into water mist particles which is smaller than 150um through a special high-pressure atomization system and double pipe annular spray ring, and then transmits the water to the spray nozzle through its own pressurization device for uniform spraying, and the fan sprays the atomized water particles to a specified distance to form atomization spraying.

Fuyong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. provides domestic leading manufacturers with high-precision rotary drive, which precisely adjusts the angle to make the spray of fog gun car disinfection water more accurate, contributing to the fight against the new coronavirus epidemic.