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Four Main Points to Improve the Life and Feasibility of the Slewing Ring Bearing!

Four Main Points to Improve the Life and Feasibility of the Slewing Ring Bearing!

The selection of specifications, dimensions and accuracy according to the location of use, use conditions and environmental conditions, and matching with appropriate bearings are the prerequisites for ensuring the life and feasibility of slewing ring bearings and turntable bearings.

1. Application position:

Tapered roller slewing bearing is suitable for bearing combined radial and axial loads with radial load as the main load. It is usually paired with two sets of slewing bearings, mainly used in transmission parts such as front and rear wheel hubs, driving bevel gears, differentials, and reducers of automobiles.

2. Allowable speed:

In an environment with correct installation and good lubrication, it is allowed to be 0.3 to 0.5 times the limit speed of the worm gear slew drive . Under normal conditions, 0.2 times of the limit speed is the best.

3. Allowable inclination angle:

Tapered roller slewing bearings generally do not allow the shaft to tilt relative to the housing hole. If there is a tilt, it should not exceed 2'.

4. Allowable temperature:

Under the condition of bearing normal load, and the lubricant has high temperature resistance, and under the condition of sufficient lubrication, the general slewing bearing is allowed to work under the ambient temperature of  -30 ℃ to 150 ℃.

In addition, when the slewing bearing is the focus of attention, it is more and more important to check the running status of the machine and prepare a thorough inspection plan. The reason is that it is the most important condition monitoring of all rotating mechanical components. It is used to prevent damage to the slewing ring to prevent early detection of damage to the slewing ring during the shutdown of unplanned maintenance equipment. It is an important part of the home.

However, not all machines are equipped with this advanced equipment. In this case, the machine operator or maintenance engineer must insist on the slewing ring failure signal alarm.