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Features of VE Vertically-Mounted Slewing Drive

Features of VE Vertically-Mounted Slewing Drive

According to the form of the variable speed transmission of the VE vertically-mounted slewing drive, it can be divided into a tooth type slewing drive and a worm gear type slewing drive. Inheritance gear transmission and worm gear drive have their own characteristics. These two rotary drives are suitable for medium-high speed and low speed applications. In terms of carrying capacity, the worm gear type performs better than the gear type, and its load carrying capacity, deformation resistance and transmission rigidity are further improved when using an envelope worm drive, but the efficiency of the worm-gear type slewing drive is inferior to the toothed rotary drive.

According to the openness of the VE vertically-mounted slewing drive transmission mechanism, the slewing drive can be divided into an open type and a closed type. Generally, the open structure is mostly used in applications where the environment is too harsh and the maintenance and service interval is short. The open structure is more convenient for inspection, maintenance of the machine, and is more convenient to replace. In the case of little change in environmental conditions and the level of environmental pollution below the medium level, the closed structure can provide a longer maintenance life cycle.

As mentioned above, the VE vertically-mounted slewing drive is a highly integrated full-cycle rotary reduction mechanism. Its characteristics are not limited to this. The largest and smallest slewing drives can drive parts and loads is different by tens of times. However, their size, especially the axial dimension of the drive chain has little difference, which benefits flatten the structural form of the series transmission connecting mechanism, so that the entire mechanical equipment is also reduced. In addition, whether the gear type or the worm gear type slewing drive, there is a large difference in size between the main and driven parts, it is easier to realize the transmission of the large ratio. This is also not easy for many other types of variable speed transmissions.