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Definition of Slewing Drive

Definition of Slewing Drive

Electric slew drive is a full-circle slewing reduction transmission mechanism integrated with a driving power source. The slewing ring is used as the driving follower and mechanism attachment part. By attaching the driving member, the driving source and the cover to one of the inner and outer rings of the slewing ring, the other ring is used as the driving follower and the connecting base of the driven working part. In this way, using the slewing bearing's characteristic of the full-circle slewing connector, efficient configuration of drive power source and main transmission parts make electric slew drive become a universal reduction transmission mechanism that integrates the functions of rotation, reduction and driving, but has a simple structure, and is convenient to manufacture and maintain.

As mentioned above, electric slewing drive is a highly integrated full-circle slewing reduction mechanism. Its characteristics are more than that. The largest slewing drive is dozens times more than the smallest one in the number of driving parts and the amount of loading. However, the difference between their size is not big, especially the difference in the axial size of the drive chain. It is conducive to the flattening of the structure of the tandem transmission connecting parts, so that the entire mechanical equipment is also reduced.

In addition, whether it is a gear type or a worm gear type slewing drive, since the size of the main and driven parts themselves are very different, it is easier to achieve the transmission with large transmission ratio. This is also not easy for many other types of variable speed transmission mechanisms.