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Components and Production Materials of Turntable Bearing

Components and Production Materials of Turntable Bearing

In general, the turntable bearing collar is 50Mn, but sometimes 42CrMo is used to meet the needs of the main engine for special applications. Rolling elements generally use GCr15SiMn. The type of maintainer has different structural patterns, such as one-piece, segmented, isolated block. The one-piece or segmented maintainer uses 20-steel or ZL102 cast aluminum alloys. The isolation block keeper uses polyamide 1010 resin, ZL102 cast aluminum alloy, etc. Seal ring material: oil-resistant rubber, fluorine-containing rubber, oil-resistant butyl rubber.

The structural forms of turntable bearings are commonly used in single row, double row four-point contact ball turntable bearings, double row angle contact thrust ball turntable bearings, cross-cylinder rollers and cross conical roller turntable bearings, three-row cylindrical roller turntable bearings, ball-post hybrid turntable bearings and other structural forms. The above-mentioned types of slew geared bearings are divided into toothless, outer- and inner-toothed structures according to whether they have teeth and gear distribution.

1. Ferrule and Rolling Body Materials

In general, the turntable bearing rollings are made of carbon-chromium bearing steel that is quenched as a whole. Turntable bearing ferrule uses surface quenched steel, when the user has no special requirements, generally choose 50Mn steel, but sometimes in order to meet the needs of some special applications host, but also according to the specific conditions of use provided by users to choose other brands of surface quenched steel.

2. Cage Materials

The frame used for slewing ring turntable bearing has a one-piece, segmented, isolated block and other structural forms. One of the one-piece and segmented holders is made of steel No. 20 or ZL102 cast aluminum alloy. Isolated block type uses polyamide 1010 resin, ZL102 cast aluminum alloy and others to manufacture.

3. Sealing Ring Materials

The turntable bearing sealing ring is made of oil-resistant rubber or nitrile rubber.