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Common Problems of  Slewing Ring Gear

Common Problems of Slewing Ring Gear

In many mechanical automation, slewing bearings are all indispensable components. If there is something wrong with them, they must be properly handled, otherwise it will endanger all the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Today, we will analyze some difficult problems of slewing bearings for everyone, let's take a look!

1. The  slewing ring gear is not easy to operate after installation.

It is very likely that the server mounting surface and the worm drive slewing gear mounting surface are not well matched, resulting in the shaft diameter clearance of the slewing bearing after installation not being compensated for the deformation of the slewing bearing, the slewing bearing is in a negative clearance condition, and the turning body is running in the dovetail guide rail. There is difficulty (sometimes accompanied by noise) or poor meshing of the size gear or dirt stuck in the size transmission gear.

2. When the slewing ring gear is installed, the gap of the transmission gear is not well adjusted.

If the regulations are not met, the poor toothing of the two teeth causes tooth breakage during operation, and the gap should be adjusted as required; the toothing gap adjustment with the transmission gear is not carried out at the part of the large tooth jump as required, which causes the transmission gear to be in contact with the transmission gear teeth during operation. When the large jump part is stuck when it is engaged, it will cause the tooth to break, and the emerald green paint part and the transmission gear should be adjusted on the way.

After installation of china slew ring bearing, the meshing of the size gears is not well-functioned, causing tooth breakage, so you should ensure that the two gears mesh with parallel surfaces; the slewing bearing installation anchor bolts are so loose and the meshing of the size gears is not good, resulting in tooth breakage, and the anchor bolts should be tightened as required.

3. If the slewing ring gear is habitually installed with hanging objects.

In this way, it is likely to be difficult or even impossible to rotate. The reason is that the larger the load of the lifting equipment, the larger the diameter of the slewing ring and the preciser of manufacturing. The lower it is, the lower is the performance, so it is more easily destroyed.

It can appropriately increase the thickness of the plate where the rotary table and the slewing support meet, thereby improving the structural bending rigidity of the slewing support, and then improve its bearing capacity.

What mentioned above is the detailed introduction of the slewing bearing manufacturers' difficulties about the slewing bearing, did you understand? If you want to master more about slewing bearings, you are warmly welcomed to visit our official website, and we will show you practical articles!

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