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Cleverly Change the Lower Bearing of the Tower Crane Slewing

Cleverly Change the Lower Bearing of the Tower Crane Slewing

Cleverly change the lower bearing of the tower crane slewing:
1. Firstly, the main rope of the tower crane will be replayed.
2. At 13cm on the flange connected to the bearing seat at the olive-shaped bottom of the rotating body, use a 14mm diameter steel bar to pull the ribs on the four sides of the tower machine in the horizontal direction.
3. At the top four corners of the tower crane platform, each line has a wire rope buckle with a diameter of 12.5mm, each hanging a 4 ton chain hoist.
4. The four hoist hooks are hung on the angle steel at the lower part of the revolving body at 90 cm. Be sure to hang it up. If there is no hanging point, you can weld a ring with electric welding.
5. After tightening the hoist slightly, remove the connecting bolts of the flange and the bearing seat, the bearing seat and the tower body.
6. Tighten the hoist to create a gap between the parts.
7. Quickly pull out the bearing housing and immediately insert the corresponding thick square wood prepared in advance for the position of the housing that is pulled out.
8. Replace the new tapered roller bearing with the bearing model and add enough butter.
9. Reinstall the parts in place according to the above steps.
10. After removing the temporary fixed steel bars and other objects, they can be tested and put into use.