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Can We Handle the Abnormality of Slewing Ring Gear by Ourselves?

Can We Handle the Abnormality of Slewing Ring Gear by Ourselves?

Slewing ring gears of some slewing ring manufacturers will make a symmetrical sound of bearing steel ball overturning at high speed. Is there any problem with the slewing ring gear just bought? Our technical engineer stated that this kind of belongs to all normal conditions. However, if all normal sounds are symmetrical and accompanied by other abnormal and large sounds, such a situation can be called abnormal sound.

So, what should customers do? Can they solve the problem of abnormal sound of slewing ring gear by themselves?

I. There are several situations of slewing ring gear mentioned above

1. The slight abnormal noise of the new heavy slewing drive product at high speed generally disappears after dozens of revolutions. If it does not disappear, it is likely to be caused by slight deformation of the slewing ring gear during the whole process of transportation. However, if it operates flexibly and everything is normal, it can be installed and applied at ease. It will certainly disappear after a period of use. If the noise is loud or does not disappear after application for a period of time (generally 2-4 months), contact our slewing ring after-sales maintenance service department immediately.

2. If there is abnormal noise in the test run after the installation of slewing ring gear. If the flatness of the mounting surface does not meet the requirements, it will lead to negative gap in the raceway, resulting in abnormal sound or poor meshing of the size gear which is sometimes tight and sometimes loose, or too tight meshing at the part with large tooth jump, resulting in abnormal sound. The solution is the same as above.

3. Abnormal noise is caused in the whole process of application.

II. How to deal with the abnormality of slewing ring gear?

Firstly, it should be clear whether it is the sound made by the worm drive slewing gear. The sound made by some steel frame structures or other prefabricated components is often mistaken as the sound made by the slewing ring. Therefore, the method of terminating the rotation of the slewing ring gear and normal operation of other components can be used to identify the source of the sound.

There are the following reasons:

1. There is a lack of grease in the raceway, and the overturning body collides with the spacer block to make a sound, which can be removed immediately after dripping oil;

2. There are dirty things in the raceway, such as small stones and iron pins, which are often accompanied by difficult rotation (generally, this kind of situation is very easy to occur in the environment with poor working conditions);

3. In addition, pay attention to whether the sealant strip is damaged;

4. Loose installation anchor bolts cause elastic deformation of slewing ring gear and negative gap at deformed parts.

The professional slewing drive china technicians of the slewing ring gear remind you that if the slewing ring gear is abnormal, please contact the after-sales service technicians immediately, and we will show you convenient and comprehensive after-sales service specific guidance.