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Application of Slewing Drive in New Energy Field

Application of Slewing Drive in New Energy Field

In the past two years, with the country's strong support for the new energy field, the accompanying equipment manufacturers have sprung up. The slewing drive is a derivative of slewing bearings. There are currently 9 models ranging from 3 inches in diameter to 25 inches in diameter, and more than 60 varieties to meet different applications. It has been widely used in the rapid development of solar photovoltaic power generation industry in recent years. Secondly, the products are also used in flat transport vehicles, slings, single-column cranes, girders, truck cranes, aerial work vehicles, solar energy, automation equipment and other mechanical equipment. Powertrain systems vary in different industries. For example, DC planetary slew drive gearbox and AC motors are generally deployed in the field of new energy. The construction machinery industry is mainly equipped with a hydraulic motor as a power source. At present, the slewing drive device can be roughly divided into a single worm rotary drive device and a double worm rotary drive device.

In view of the fact that the slewing drive consists of a slewing ring and a ring-wound worm structure, the casing is made of high-quality, high-strength cast steel.
It has the following advantages:
1. Due to the slewing bearing of the core components, it can withstand large radial and axial loads and strong overturning moment (wind resistance).
2. It is easy to install, easy to maintain, and saves installation space to a greater extent.
3. It is a multi-tooth meshing transmission with large torque, so the transmission is stable and the noise is very small.
4. It has self-locking function and positioning function, which can realize reverse self-locking and play a safety protection function, which greatly improves the operation stability of the main machine and the safety factor of the operation.