Maanshan Fuyong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Slewing Ring Drives and Bearings
Slew drive can also be called slew drive gearbox. Most of our slewing ring drive is kind of worm gear reducer. And the slew ring bearing is a gear drive part.
The slewing drive is a full-cycle rotary reduction transmission mechanism integrated with a driving power source. As a professional slew drive manufacturer, Fuyong Intelligent produces high-quality slewing drive products! Any inquiry is welcome!
Fuyong Intelligent is one of China's leading slew drive manufacturers. With a wide range of dimensions and designs, our worm slew drives and slewing ring are popular around the world. The slew drives and slewing bearing are widely used in engineering machinery, coal mining machinery, fire equipment, industrial robots, photovoltaic power trackers, aviation and military defense. We have 18 independent intellectual property rights patents. Our slew ring drives and slew drive bearings have passed ISO9000:2008 quality management system certification and EU export CE certification. We promise professional production and excellent quality.
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