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2016-2021 Forecast of Slew Drive Manufacturers in India

2016-2021 Forecast of Slew Drive Manufacturers in India

Slewing bearing is a type of rotating bearing assembly, which is usually used in machines that need to handle heavy loads. These bearings facilitate back and forth movement as well as rotational movement. Basically, these are machine components. They work based on axial and radial forces, leading to overturning moments. Slewing bearing arrangement has more advantages on performance and design than traditional bearings. Early slewing ring bearings were only designed to support horizontal arrangements, but they are now also used in vertical bearing structures.


Slewing ring bearing is widely used in various industries, such as overhaul platforms, cranes, stackers, bottling machines, wind turbines and heliostats, robotic equipment, mining, water treatment, material handling equipment and so on.


The report divides the slewing ring market into four vertical sectors-by gear type, by construction/design equipment, by rolling element and by purpose. The report also details the market power of the slewing ring market. Increasing attention to renewable energy and the growing infrastructure industry are driving the growth of the slewing ring market. Slew drive manufacturers in India is driven by more and more wind farms. As of a few years ago, the total installed capacity of wind power was 24,759 MW.